5 Critical Skills to Master Before You Graduate

5 Critical Skills to Master Before You Graduate

Skill-building starts now

In college, we learn what are called hard skills, things like giving an inoculation, shifting gears in a big rig, or properly wiring an electrical board. A hard skill is the actual technical knowledge needed to do a specific job.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of hard skills. If we lack them, we simply aren’t qualified.

Ohio Business College graduates have all the hard skills necessary for success in their chosen profession.

And there’s another kind of skills, as well: soft skills. These -- sometimes called people skills or employability skills -- are how we talk and act, how we approach our job, how well we get along with others.

Instructors at Ohio Business College act as role models for the soft skills of professional behavior. Students learn how to act in a professional setting, because their instructors behave that way in class.

Some business experts say there are five key soft skills. Others say seven. The career guide Indeed last month put out a list of 10*, including open-mindedness, problem-solving and a willingness to learn.

Whether the universe of soft skills is five, seven or 10 isn’t the point, experts can argue all they want about which skills should be on the list. The important thing is being aware of the concept, and knowing how much value employers place on soft skills and on the employees who show them.

Getting an education, or even imagining it, counts as a soft skill. It demonstrates a willingness to learn. And that’s a good one.

Because, for a lot of us there are roadblocks to education. Getting around, over or through them requires at least some level of soft skill.

Here are a few examples of some soft skills, some common hurdles, and the way Ohio Business College may help.

Willingness to learn. A lot of us need that when we ask ourselves “How will I pay for school?”

Ohio Business College enrollment specialists can help navigate your financial aid options and help select one that best fits your needs and situation. Learn why you can afford a degree.

Time management. How can I squeeze it in when I already have to work?

Every career training program OBC offers is tailored to busy adult learners like you. Ohio Business College offers flexible scheduling options for individuals with day and evening classes offered at two convenient locations.

Problem solving. I don’t have anyone to watch my kids while I attend class.

Ohio Business College works to help students in need. This includes offering resources to day-care lists and connections to information of services that can potentially help, such as free daycare vouchers or public transportation. OBC is a close-knit school that feels like family. We see to it that every student is receiving the support and guidance they need to perform at their best.

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