Why Hire from OBC

When you hire an Ohio Business College Graduate, you can rest assured that you are getting an employee with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the role. Our graduates are bright, qualified individuals who have prevailed through our comprehensive curricula to emerge skilled and ready for success in their field of choice.

How do we help them achieve career readiness? It’s simple. We send out a quarterly survey to employers asking for feedback about our grads, in addition to substantial feedback from the public. We take both kinds of information into account when tweaking our programs to ensure our students graduate the best and brightest. On top of the well-tailored instruction they receive, our students are learning their desired trade from day one, which is mixed in with practical business skills that are useful in any career setting.

We also offer externship programs, which are a great way for you to give our grads a test run of sorts. Our students regularly complete externships while they’re still finishing their studies. We value employer feedback and we’re confident in the ability of our students to meet your needs. To learn more or to hire an extern, please contact our Career Services department.

Employer Quotes

Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few testimonials from employers who have hired our students:

“It has been a pleasure working with Ohio Business College for the past 5 years. I choose to work with OBC over posting my positions on job sites because I want to give dedicated students the opportunity to learn and grow in the medical field. Currently, I have two excellent students on my team, Chiniqua Cunningham and Christina Taylor.”

Melissa Winnestaffer
Office Manager
Sandusky Wellness Center

“Jackie is very dependable and was enjoyable to have, and there wasn’t a single task she couldn’t learn and do well to complete.”

Karin Robers
Fisher Titus Medical Center

“Dear Ms. Johnson:
I wanted to take the time to thank Ohio Business College for providing another extern for our Probate Court. Kristen has been an asset to our office as an extern. On behalf of Judge Cardwell and everyone at the Probate Court, we look forward to working with future extern students.”

Linda K. Zimmerman
Huron County Probate and Juvenile Court

“Heather has worked out really well for us and we have decided to hire her in part-time while she finishes the rest of her classes. She was very reliable and dependable, and she did not miss any time. “

Mandria Butticci Sprague
Real Estate Options and Opportunities, LLC
Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Southwest

“On bringing in an extern from OBC’s Medical Assisting program:
He did his clinical rotation here with us and he fit in so well we hired him! Your program is excellent and the students are very prepared for life in the “outside” world. We have had students from other programs that I will not let come back for clinicals, as they were unprepared and some had no lab practice at all. The whole program was on line and it took way too much time from my staff to be their “instructor” from ground zero. They had never even held a B/P cuff or stethoscope let alone use one! YIKES!!!! You have a great program at your place!!!!!! I’ll take your students anytime!”

Wendy Hammer, Manager
Mercy Occupational Health Center
Lorain, OH

“The five things that I can say that the grads that I have hired have been … they have been very eager, very loyal to our organization.”

Pamela Garcia
Sheffield Village

We look forward to establishing a lasting relationship with your company and setting you up with the best Ohio Business College has to offer.

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