5 Signs Marketing is the Path for You

5 Signs Marketing is the Path for You

Now is an exciting time to begin a career in marketing. Social media and e-commerce platforms are changing the way marketers reach audiences. From online advertising and branding to mobile apps, the creative possibilities are endless.

If creating and selling to an audience sounds like an exciting challenge, then marketing might be the career for you. Choosing the right career depends on your understanding of yourself and what career is authentically you.

With your personality and interests in mind, keep reading to learn the signs marketing could be the career you're looking for.

  1. You’re a creative communicator.

Communication doesn’t just mean speaking effectively with coworkers, clients, and bosses. A successful marketer is expected to craft clear and concise campaign messages. Creative thinkers often have unique viewpoints, and they follow through on them with enthusiasm.

Additionally, creative people are also organized, thoughtful, detail-oriented, and open to criticism. Every good writer knows first drafts are never perfect, so possessing patience and discipline for editing is key.

  1. Analytics, analytics, analytics.

Successful marketers get to the bottom of things—their curiosity and love for logic suggest they’re usually seeking answers to their own questions.

Why is this sales tactic working? How many people are consuming this content? How can we reach more customers?

Metrics, graphs, and data—these are all tools a great problem-solver uses in her approach to marketing and sales.

  1. Change doesn’t scare you.

Marketing is one of the most innovative industries out there. It’s constantly setting the bar higher with newer technology, transformational messages, and better research.

Marketers are accustomed to change and constant progression. If you believe a business is a living organism—that it needs to change in order to grow—then you share a common trait with marketing professionals.

  1. You take smart risks.

A great marketer never got anywhere without a healthy dose of courage. You might be cut out for a career in marketing if you find yourself asking: What’s at stake?

A smart risk means taking on a project that you believe in. It means asking for help or speaking up when others are silent. Marketers know confidence is the way to innovation and thought leadership.

  1. Strategy is your middle name.

Do you create to-do lists to accomplish tasks before a deadline? Do you stick to a routine, conduct research often, and prioritize your responsibilities?

If you answered yes, your approach to dominating the competition is probably a calm, cool, and calculated strategy. Forming a vision and planning a route to success is the essential way you—and marketers—reach goals.

OBC’s Business Administration Associate Degree with a Concentration in Marketing and Sales

You’ve got a knack for words, numbers, and strategy, and you want to pursue your talents in the field of marketing and sales—but you know the competition is steep.

What can you do to stand out as you prepare to enter the workforce? What do employers look for when they want to add successful marketers to their team?

Employers are looking for qualified marketing professionals with industry-specific knowledge and real-world training. We understand a degree from an accredited career training college can give you the leg up you need to enter the business world.

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