7 Common Challenges of Adult Learning and How You Can Overcome Them

7 Common Challenges of Adult Learning and How You Can Overcome Them

Making the decision to return to school after any sort of hiatus – work, military, children, etc. – holds a delicate mix of emotions. It is a fresh start filled with excitement, promise, and empowerment, for it’s the beginning of a new path that leads to a better life. It can also be an unsettling time where fear, self-doubt, and anxiety creep in.

On the road back into education, adults going back to school commonly contend with the following hurdles:

  1. Finances.

How will I pay for school?

  1. Time.

I work full-time and have a family to take care of. I don’t have time to go back to school.

  1. Self-confidence.

I’m not good at school work. I won’t do well if I go back to school.

  1.  Transportation.

I don’t have reliable transportation to get to campus.

  1. Child care.

I don’t have anyone to watch my kids while I attend class.

  1. Support system.

My friends and family don’t think it’s a good idea for me to return to school.

  1. Feeling they’re too old.

I’m too old to return to school. What’s the point of getting a degree now?


Why You Can Overcome Your Hurdle and Return to School

We’re here to assure you that all of these feeling are completely normal, as many adult students experience these emotions on their journey back to school. In order to achieve your goals and advance your career and life, it’s essential to not let your fears and worries win.

At Ohio Business College, you are our main priority. We believe in you and we make it our mission to help you arrive at your desired professional destination. Regardless of the hurdle(s) that’s holding you back from enrolling in your career training program, take it from us: You can overcome.

  1. Finances.

In many cases, there is usually a way to finance education. Our enrollment specialists will help you navigate your financial aid options and help you select the plan that best fits your needs and situation.            

Learn why you can afford a degree.

  1.  Time.

Every career training program we offer is tailored to busy adult learners like you. We offer flexible scheduling options for individuals juggling work and family with day and evening classes offered at two convenient locations.

  1. Self-confidence.

You can do this! We will be your biggest cheerleaders. Our class sizes are small, our tutoring is free, and instructors often work with students who need extra help one-on-one.

  1. Transportation and child care.

We work hard to help students in need. This includes offering resources to day care lists and connections to information of services that can potentially help, such as free daycare vouchers or public transportation.

  1. Support system.

OBC is a close-knit school that feels like family. We see to it that every student is receiving the support and guidance they need to perform at their best.

  1. Feeling you’re too old.

It is our firm belief that one is never too old to grow, improve, or achieve success. At OBC, age will never matter, as anyone can achieve greatness at any age.

When you take the first step and enroll at OBC – a top college for working adults – you instantly become a part of the family. At Ohio Business College, you are heard. You are supported. You are guided.

Take the first step, we will support you the rest of the way. You can do this!

Let these student success stories inspire you to return to school and achieve your dreams:

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Christina Norman: Business Administration graduate

  Bart Hamrick: Medical Assisting graduate