The Endless Possibilities of a Business Management Degree

The Endless Possibilities of a Business Management Degree

Business is an area that encompasses a wide variety of industries, expertise, and specialties. For students seeking a business management degree, the opportunities for students after graduation are endless. Business courses are designed to equip students with the skills they need to excel in whichever career they choose to pursue.

Learning Important Business Skills

The skills in business highly depend on the individual’s current role and prior work experience. Many people in business have technical skills specific to their position. For example, someone in finance or accounting will have skills in accounts payable and receivable, taxes, and budgeting. Meanwhile, a project manager or supply chain expert will have experience working with different types of software. For a position in the human resources department, an individual will likely need an understanding of payroll as well as recruiting and interviewing.

Although many skills are department-specific, there are certain skills that everyone in business needs. Here are just a few of the many skills that helps businessmen or businesswomen be successful:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service

At Ohio Business College, our business classes help students further develop these skills through team projects, relevant case studies, and interactive coursework. Our students participate in an externship, which gives them a hands-on learning opportunity.

Career Opportunities for Business Management Graduatesbusiness management degree, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, customer service, ohio business college

The positions in a company depend on its size, but there is a long list of possibilities. Large- and medium-sized companies typically have many departments, including accounting, finance, marketing, public relations, human resources, IT and cybersecurity, sales, operations, and more! Some of these departments do require specialized degrees; however, business management graduates have a variety of career fields to choose from with their degree. These are four careers that a business management graduate could pursue.

1.      Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accountants and bookkeepers manage the organization’s financial records. These professionals specialize in accounts payable and receivable, billing, taxes, and auditing. Even a small business will usually have at least one accountant to manage the company’s money, whether it is to bill a client or pay a vendor.

2.      Human Resources

The human resources department is an essential part of any company. These individuals ensure that the company is operating legally and ethically. An HR representative will settle any workplace conflicts as well as recruit and interview new hires. In many companies, HR is responsible for payroll, benefits, and employee time off.

3.      Sales

Sales is a crucial part of every business because it brings in revenue. Most industries will have a sales department that focuses on converting prospective customers into loyal and profitable ones. Salespeople look different for every company. Sometimes they conduct all their business over the phone while others meet with their clients in person. Salespeople usually can earn commission on top of hourly pay or a base salary.

4.      Customer service

Customer service associates act as the face of the company and mitigate problems or complaints from the customer. Individuals in customer service are some of the most valuable people in an organization because if they effectively solve issues, they can retain customers rather than drive them away. Customer service associates also answer questions and provide information regarding the company, product, or service to the customer.

Business management graduates often go on to have a very rewarding career, whether it’s in one of these roles or one of the many other possibilities. At Ohio Business College, our accounting and business management program provides students with a well-rounded understanding of business and prepares students for success in whichever career path they choose to follow.