Career Advancement Opportunities for a Medical Assistant

Career Advancement Opportunities for a Medical Assistant

Career Advancement Opportunities for a Medical Assistant

Pursuing a career as a Medical Assistant is an excellent way to begin your journey in the healthcare field. Medical Assistants play a vital role in keeping doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, and care facilities running smoothly by taking vitals, maintaining patient records, scheduling appointments, assisting doctors with physical exams, and more.  You may also wish to eventually advance your healthcare career.  Let’s explore career advancement opportunities for a Medical Assistant.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in becoming a Medical Assistant – a rewarding career that is always in high demand – you must first attend a medical assisting program with an accredited institution, like Ohio Business College. There, you’ll receive hands-on clinical training and prepare to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant/CMA (AAMA)® exam and the Registered Medical Assistant/RMA (AMT) exam. Once you graduate and are certified, you can begin earning the valuable real-life experience you’ll need to take your career to the next level.

Benefits of Advancement

A job as a Medical Assistant may be your dream job, but you can also use it as a stepping stone. With some additional education and training, choosing a specialty can be a wise choice for future career advancement opportunities. There are numerous opportunities within the field of medical assisting for those who wish to specialize – for example, you may want to work in an office that specializes in pediatrics, ob-gyn, or ophthalmology. Having numerous certifications and specialized training certificates will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace, and help you confidently steer your own career path.

Career Opportunities

Using your medical assistant background as a foundation, there are a number of other healthcare-related careers that you can seek with some additional training and education. These include positions such as:

  • Lead Medical Assistant
  • Medical & Health Services Manager
  • Medical Records & Health Information Technicians
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Medical Assistant Instructor
  • And more!

As you work as a Medical Assistant, learn about the other jobs in the industry that interest you, talk to your coworkers about what they love about their jobs, and start planning your next move.

How to Advance Your Career

Once you’ve graduated from medical assistant training, have been certified, and are out in the workplace, take advantage of opportunities to further develop your professional skills. Learn new billing software or office equipment, take workplace training sessions and classes when they are offered, and step up for additional responsibilities when you can.

If you’re interested in entering the growing healthcare industry, Ohio Business College is here to help you reach your goals. Check out our 12-month Medical Assistant Diploma Program or our 9-month Medical Office Specialist Diploma Program to put you on the fast-track to a successful and fulfilling career. To learn more, visit our website or contact us today!