Make Going Back to School in 2017 a Reality

Make Going Back to School in 2017 a Reality

Is going back to school one of your 2017 New Year's resolutions?

This is an exciting goal and we commend you for wanting to grow and forge new personal and professional paths.

We understand, too, that big, life-changing goals like going back to school can seem daunting and overwhelming. A lot of questions may be circulating in your mind, like:

  • Where do I start?
  • Where do I want to take my career?
  • What program do I want to study?
  • What school is right for me and my goals?

If you’re looking to apply for a new job, make a career move, or advance in your current position, you can take steps today to make your dreams a reality.

Define your career goals.

Carve out time to sit with yourself and think through your goals and aspirations. Make a list of your career goals using these questions to spark some thoughts:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your interests?
  • What is your dream job/position?
  • What industry do you want to work in?
  • What kind of contact do you want to have with other people?
  • Do you want to enter a leadership/management position?

When you have a clear idea of what you want, you will know how an educational program will fit into your career plans, according to

Assess your current lifestyle.

Gone are the days where college only meant attending a traditional campus full-time. There are several options in higher education today, such as day, evening, weekend, and online classes.

When you review your current time obligations and responsibilities – like job, family, and personal time – and when you pinpoint how you learn best (in-person, hands-on, online, etc.) you can make a solid determination of what kind of program and school will work best for you.

Research academic programs and schools that meet your needs.

When reviewing various programs and institutions, be sure to keep your goals and lifestyle requirements top-of-mind. Other important items to take note of are:

  • Does the school/program accept transfer credits (if applicable to you)?
  • What are the admission requirements?
  • When is the next enrollment date?
  • What format is the program offered in?
  • How long does it take to complete the program?
  • Is the program geared toward adult, non-traditional students? (These types of programs will have your busy schedule and needs in mind.)
  • Is the program and institution accredited?

What is the total cost of the program?

Even though two programs may appear similar, their costs may not be. Additionally, you may be able to receive more financial aid at one institution over another.

Establish what you are willing to pay for your degree or professional diploma and explore the college’s financial aid options before making any final decisions.

Contact an admissions representative.

Your research should lead you to one or two top colleges. Getting in touch with an admissions representative from your top-choice schools will give you more clarity in your decision-making process.

Not only will an admissions representative be able to answer all of your lingering questions, you can also collect a vibe from him or her.

  • How friendly and helpful are they?
  • Are they going above and beyond to help you?
  • Do they seem trustworthy?
  • Are they showing a genuine interest in you and your goals?
  • Are they listening to your concerns?
  • Are they providing you an accurate and positive representation of the college and your program of choice?

Consider visiting the college and meeting the admissions representative in-person for a complete feel for the institution and program.

Apply, enroll, and take your next professional steps.

There’s no time like the present; your goals are waiting to be achieved. Once you have all of your questions answered, apply, enroll, and prepare for your first day.


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There’s never been a better time to invest in your success and future. Discover OBC and make going back to school in 2017 a reality.

Hear what alumni had to say about their time at OBC:


Malekia Ford                                   Dawn Ulle                                                           Christina Norman

Medical Assisting Graduate          Medical Administrative Assistant Graduate       Business Admin Graduate

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