Mastering the Art of Business: How OBC’s Business Administration Program Sets You Apart

Mastering the Art of Business: How OBC’s Business Administration Program Sets You Apart

Ready to become a business leader? If so, it is time to master the art of business. Let Ohio Business College set you up for success with our degree and diploma programs. You will learn about accounting, management, marketing, human resources, business communication, entrepreneurship, and finance during a Business Administration program. After completing the degree or diploma program, you are ready for an entry-level position in business offices, small and large.

How Does OBC’s Business Administration Program Sets You Apart?

There are many ways that Ohio Business College sets you apart from the competition when you complete our Business Administration program. These competitive advantages include:

Professional Growth

As a graduate of the Business Administration program, you will show employers that you have the competency, discipline, and integrity to work in a business office. Advancing your business skills allows you to grow professionally and show dedication to the business world.

When you are looking for an entry-level business role after graduation, having a Business Administration degree or diploma will give you a competitive advantage in the industry. Employers are looking for trained businesspeople who can hit the ground running and need little on-the-job training.

Opportunity for Advancement

When it comes time to get a promotion, you will show your employer that you are ready for the increased responsibility and dedicated to your job. The employer will consider your degree or diploma to prove your commitment to the role.

Leadership Skills

Ohio Business College prepares you to become a successful leader. You learn how to lead and motivate employees, the fundamentals of business, and the ability to think critically. You will influence and guide your team to meet goals and exceed expectations.

Communication Skills

As a leader, you will need excellent communication skills. You will be communicating verbally and in writing, and you will need to administer proper active listening. A good leader listens to their employees and provides feedback so they can flourish. Leaders offer clear, effective, and efficient communication so there are no misunderstandings. The Business Administration program will help you master your communication skills so you are ready to succeed as a businessperson.

Self-Employment Opportunities

In addition to opportunities in business, you can use your education to start your own company. The degree program offers classes in accounting, HR management, law, and ethics, social media and internet marketing, management, and customer service and relationship management—all essential subjects to prepare you to start your own business.

What are the Benefits of a Business Administration Program at OBC?

There are many benefits for those graduating from the Business Administration program at Ohio Business College. These benefits include:

Choice of a Degree or Diploma

You can choose whether you want to complete a degree or diploma program in Business Administration. If you have 12 months to complete a diploma, you will lay a solid foundation for an entry-level position in a business office. If you have 24 months to complete a degree, you can build upon that foundation and learn intermediate and advanced skills for higher-level roles in business.

Complete Curriculum

You can start with the diploma program’s fundamentals of accounting, small business management, business communications, and administrative software classes. Or you can opt for the associate degree program’s deep dive into accounting, HR management, law and ethics, internet marketing, and management curriculum. Both offer a solid path to a career in a business office.

Day & Evening Classes

Do you have responsibilities outside of school? If so, you can take classes during the day or evening. We offer a flexible schedule for those with additional responsibilities but want to maintain their education.


At the end of the Business Administration diploma program, you are paired with a business in our local Ohio community to shadow someone in a business role. This will give you the confidence to start working in the business office and the job experience you will need for your resume to prepare for an entry-level position in business. You can gain real-world experience and, at the same time, start networking for your career.

Jobs Available to Business Administration Program Graduates

There are many jobs that the Business Administration program prepares you for. Plus, Ohio Business College helps you build a resume, prepare for interviews, and match you with jobs that fit your passion. Some of the jobs that you are preparing for after graduating from the Business Administration program include:

Accountant – examines a company’s financial statements, reviews accounting systems, ensures compliance with regulations, and reduces costs and increases revenues.

Business Consultant – identifies problems and proper solutions for businesses to meet deadlines, goals, and budgets. They are an expert brought into the company to guide its managers and business owners.

Data Analyst – collects and interprets information to answer questions, solve problems, and confirm theories. They will collect surveys, e-commerce data, and other demographic information to help make critical business decisions.

Executive/Administrative Assistant – responsible for managing the schedule and communications of executives or managers. They may make travel arrangements, schedule appointments, organize documents, answer calls, set up meetings, and perform other administrative tasks.

Financial Analyst – offers financial advice and strategic guidance to make better financial planning decisions. They will evaluate financial data, business trends, financial statements, and company strengths to make profitable decisions utilizing company resources.

Human Resources Specialist – responsible for evaluating job applications, training and onboarding employees, resolving workplace conflicts, and assisting employees with benefits.

Logistics Manager – ensures inventory is appropriately stored and flows effectively within the supply chain. They can identify the most cost-effective way to move inventory to balance supply and demand. Ultimately, their job is to lower operating costs, improve production rates, and increase customer satisfaction.

Marketing Manager – manages the messaging behind a product or service to raise awareness and generate demand. They will develop, implement, execute, and review strategic marketing plans, including traditional and Internet marketing. Marketing managers use analytics to make better business decisions.

Operations Manager – responsible for the activities involved in the production of products and services. They will supervise, hire, and train employees, manage quality assurance, and improve operational processes.

Project Manager – considers budgets and deadlines when organizing, planning, and executing projects. They may lead a team, set expectations, create a project scope, communicate with supervisors, and manage projects from start to finish.

Sales Manager – in charge of the sales team, setting sales targets, reviewing budgets, analyzing financial data, implementing sales strategies, and training new sales members.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to master the art of business? Let Ohio Business College set you on the path to success. In just 12 to 24 months, you could graduate from Ohio Business College with a diploma or an associate degree in business administration that has prepared you to make your mark on the world. Get started right now by filling out our online form. An admissions representative will happily contact you to answer all your questions.

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