Resume Writing Tips with Tanya Foose

Resume Writing Tips with Tanya Foose

A resume is a great tool to showcase and highlight your education and skill sets to a potential employer. When writing a resume it is important to keep these three tips in mind! Our Director of Career Services Tanya Foose goes more in depth on what to add and leave off a resume and tips on your social media profiles.

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Tip # 1:

Number one, one of the newest trends is to leave your address, your exact address off of your resume. You can put your city and state and zip code, but leaving your exact address off can help you in regards that people can now google your home. The newest trend is just give the city and state. That’s all anybody needs to know. You certainly don’t want people googling where you live. It’s just a little weird, but it does happen.


Tip # 2:

Number two, Facebook. Recently, I’ve heard from an employer who told me she would look at and give a call to a student as soon as she checked their Facebook profile. That tells me that anything that that person had on their Facebook that she didn’t like, could make or break her opportunity to get a phone call from a hiring manager. Make sure you are professional in your Facebook, your Instagram, whatever it is you’re using, wipe it clean. You can actually even pay some services if you need to, but it’s important that people are not finding information about you that you don’t want them to see.


Tip # 3:

Number three, when you’re writing your resume, be sure to look at other job descriptions. Print out about three or four job descriptions, highlight the key items that those companies are looking for, and make sure that those are on your resume. Many larger companies will use software to scan a resume and look for keywords. If those words are not on your resume, you could be passed over for a job that you truly qualify for. Those are my three key items to keep in mind when you are writing your resume. That’s all from Ohio Business College.