Road to a New Career

Road to a New Career

Plenty of Trucking Jobs Available

There will be literally millions of truck driving jobs before this decade is over, according to government forecasts.

That means a lot of opportunities for a lot of people. You could be one of them.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that by 2028 there will be nearly 2 million truck driving jobs in the United States -- about 100,000 more than there were just a couple years ago.

So that’s 100,000 new jobs, plus the many thousands more that open up each year as truckers retire.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook says, “job prospects are projected to be very good for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers with the proper training and a clean driving record.”

The Bureau also says technology is making the profession more welcoming for newcomers.

“Technological advancements should result in trucks that are more fuel efficient and easier to drive. For example, automatic transmissions, blindspot monitoring, braking assistance, and variable cruise control are all recently developed features that may become more standard throughout the trucking industries within the next decade.

In addition, technological advances may lead to further developments in platooning, which is a method of transport where several trucks form a line and automatically mimic the speed, braking, and steering behaviors of the lead truck. These technologies can help ease driver burden and create a safer driving environment for all vehicles.”

And because training for truckers can be completed in a matter of weeks, trucking is an industry that allows a person to begin earning quickly.

How do I start?

As a step-by-step process, getting your Commercial Driver’s License is much the same as getting your passenger vehicle license.
You pass a written test to get a permit. You use the permit while receiving the proper instruction. And once you know how to safely operate the vehicle, you pass a skills test to get your Commercial Drivers License.

How Do I Get a Permit?

Obtaining a Commercial Learner Permit (CLP) in Ohio, requires:

  • A valid Ohio driver’s license
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
  • To be 18 years of age or older
  • To self-certify the kind of driving you’ll be doing with the permit

How do I Get My Training?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Many prospective drivers attend professional truck driving schools, where they take training courses to learn how to maneuver large vehicles on highways or through crowded streets. During these classes, drivers also learn the federal laws and regulations governing interstate truck driving. Students may attend either a private truck-driving school or a program at a community college that lasts between 3 and 6 months."

While the community college route could take a half year or more, an intensive course at Ohio Business College can get you ready in a matter of weeks.

How do I find a job?

The team at OBC’s CDL Class A Certification training program works with graduates to help find jobs with high-quality carriers. The team works with national, regional, and local employment agencies and recruiters. They maintain constant contact with trucking firms. And they offer tuition financing for those who qualify.

Learn more about Ohio Business College’s Trucking Career Services.

How much will I earn?

The median annual wage for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was $45,260 in 2019. Top-paid drivers earned more than $66,840.

Can I earn without a Commercial License?

No. You must have a Commercial Drivers License.

What if I don’t pass my test?

You can try again. There is no limit to how many times you can take the CDL skills test on a valid permit. However, you must wait a week to retest upon failing, and there are fees for each additional test.

What’s it like being a truck driver?

Many truckers say their profession is as much a lifestyle as it is a career.

They are not in the office, they don’t work 9 to 5, and they prefer it that way.

They point to enjoyment of travel, hours of quiet and a sense of independence on the open road as perks of their career.

Truck drivers are on the road for up to 300 days per year. They spend most of their waking hours behind the wheel. They cover 2,000 to 3,000 miles per week.

Of course, there are rules and deadlines for any delivery, but many drivers have the freedom to decide if they want to drive through the night or cover ground during daylight hours.

Can I grow in my career?

Yes. Drivers can get endorsements to their CDL that show their ability to drive a specialized type of vehicle, or special loads, and that often translates into higher pay.

After you gain some years of experience, you might become a trainer. Companies are always looking for experienced and well-informed truck drivers to train new hires.

There are also opportunities to work in an office setting should you decide you’re ready for a change from driving.

What if I’m stuck in another job?

Ohio Business College offers weekday and weekend options to accommodate your busy schedule.

Can I start right now?

Yes. You can apply online for Ohio Business College right now.