Why a Hands-On Education Matters

Why a Hands-On Education Matters


How many times have you felt more competent after you completed a task by yourself? How many times have you learned a skill faster when you learned by doing?

When you learn through movement and with your hands, you greatly impact your understanding of a concept or skill, according to Surprise Ride.

The importance of a hands-on education becomes even more vital as you enter higher education and ready yourself for a fast-paced career that demands exactness and efficiency.

At Ohio Business College, we structure our diploma and associate degree programs around hands-on learning. With your real-world success in mind, we know that getting out of a lecture hall and into an active learning lab will pose immense benefits and help you retain critical job skills:

OBC graduates find tremendous success as they enter the workforce; most receive job offers from their externships, or right after graduation. Employers know that Ohio Business College graduates are a step above the rest because of their in-depth training and practical experience.

Take your education further with a hands-on education at OBC. Find the career training program you’ve been looking for.