10 Tips on Marketing Yourself as an Electrician

10 Tips on Marketing Yourself as an Electrician

Are you interested in becoming an electrician and want to know the best way to market yourself? This blog offers some important tips on marketing your business to customers in your community. Plus, if you are still looking for an apprenticeship, you can start an Electrician Program at Ohio Business College. We support you with a complete curriculum, hands-on training, industry experienced instructors, and career services to find an apprenticeship after graduation. So, how can you market yourself as an electrician?

10 Tips on Marketing Yourself as an Electrician

There are many tips that you can use to market yourself as an electrician. Whether you want to build your clientele, increase brand awareness, bring in additional leads, or keep in touch with your community, there are many marketing opportunities that you can utilize.

Tip #1: Angi’s List

Now Angi, this website offers visibility for trade professionals to their customers. It is billed as the “top-rated certified pros in your area.” Angi can help you increase your business’s exposure to homeowners looking to find local contractors. This website helps you showcase your work, manage your online reputation, and build credibility. You can also manage your leads, communicate with customers, and get notified when you have a lead. Angi also spends a lot on advertising, so the small percentage you share with the platform is justified.

Tip #2: Franchise Opportunities

Another route you can take as a business owner is to join an electrical service business as a franchisee. As a franchisee, you will get leads from the parent company based in your local area. The parent company will have a well-known brand, offer local advertising, and help with customer service when you are on the job. Some of the more well-known electrical service franchises are Mister Sparky and Mr. Electric. Becoming a franchise takes the responsibility of customer acquisition off your plate, so you can focus on good customer service.

Tip #3: Local Advertising

Your customers are local, so traditional local advertising is important to market yourself as an electrician. Start with a vehicle wrap on your truck or van. This vehicle wrap will include your name, phone number, logo, website, and contractor’s license number. When you are in the local community working on a client’s electrical wiring, the neighbors will see your vehicle and call you for your services.

Another important advertising leave-behind is a door hanger. Many franchise electrical companies recommend that electricians leave door hangers on neighbor’s doors every time they are in the neighborhood. Leaving a door hanger on a neighbor’s house will help them remember that they saw you in the neighborhood and have a way to contact you.

Tip #4: A Business Website

A great tool in your marketing arsenal is a professional website. If you opt for a franchise, you will enjoy a central website that helps you obtain leads for your business. If you are an independent contractor, then creating a website can be easy. Look into a WordPress template and a quick set up with GoDaddy. There are other options out there and plenty of marketing consultants ready to create a website for you that is crawlable and shows up on Google search results.

Tip #5: Email Marketing

To create return customers, it is important to capture your customer’s email addresses. After offering them great service, you can keep in touch with them on Constant Contact or MailChimp. You can create professional quality emails, keep track of open rates, add additional email addresses, and sidestep any spam filters that will stop your email from reaching your customer’s email account. Have a blog article? Add an excerpt to the email and a link so they can read more. Try not to overload customers with too many emails, and always offer a link to opt out if they don’t want to get additional emails.

Tip #6: Social Media

Almost everyone is using Facebook, and this is a great way to connect with your community. Create a business profile, group or event and invite your customers to join the conversation. An additional social media network that is important to join is LinkedIn. This is a great way to connect with trade professionals in your community and share leads with one another.

Tip #7: Review Sites

Many people consider review sites the same as if a friend was offering personal advice on a business. It is important for new and existing businesses to get positive reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. Many potential customers will go to these websites to learn about the experiences past customers had when using your services.

Expert Tip: Visit Google Business Profile and Yelp, claim your location and include as much information as possible to get the full benefits of these review sites. Google Business Profile will also help you show up on Google Maps.

Tip #8: Google Search

Don’t forget about Google organic and paid search. When someone searches for your business in Google, you want to be at the top of the page. Create a website that includes information about your business, location, phone number, address, and a Google map for driving directions. Expert tip: the more positive Google and Yelp reviews you gain, the better you will rank on the Google search results for the “Local Pack.” The local pack is a search result that shows three brick and mortar locations that are close to the customer, relevant to their search.

Tip #9: Yext Local Directories

Another great local marketing tool is Yext. Yext can help you promote your business on local directories like Yahoo! Local, Apple Maps, Snapchat, Better Business Bureau, and over 60 additional local directories that customers find on the Internet. These local directories are searched for by customers, plus the directories show up in organic search results. Expert tip: these local directory backlinks will also help your website rank better in Google organic search results.

Tip #10: Blogs and Videos

Your customers are always looking for home improvement tips, electrical safety procedures and other important information that you can offer to increase both brand awareness and lead generation. YouTube is a great place to post your videos and have customers watch, while your business gains a favorable reputation. Next time they need an electrician, they know who to call.

Blog articles are also a great way to capture customers from Google organic search results. Many people search to get answers to common questions, like; How much does it cost to install a new electrical circuit? What is the average hourly rate for an electrician? How long does it take to wire a house? These would all make great blog articles. Expert tip: backlinks that you gain from these blog articles from third-party websites will help your website rank better in Google organic search.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to market yourself as an electrician, it is time to learn more about Ohio Business College. If you are ready to start an Electrical Technician program, we offer classroom theory and hands-on experience. This hands-on experience will help you prepare for your apprenticeship and build confidence when you start working on a real customer’s electrical wiring. We also help you find an apprenticeship after graduation with our career services staff. Let us help you start your exciting journey to becoming an electrician.

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