4 Signs It’s Time to Move on From Your Job

4 Signs It’s Time to Move on From Your Job

There’s no denying that today’s job market is demanding. Employers are looking for an advanced range of skills from their employees to help companies stay competitive and thrive.

Professionals are finding their way back to school to gain new qualifications and the specific expertise they need to add momentum to their careers.

But how do you know when it’s time to move on or quit your job?

Here are four signs it’s time to make a positive change in your career:

  1. You’re feeling unfulfilled. Are you feeling a lack of meaning in the work you do? According to a poll conducted by Gallup.com, full-time adults are working an average of 47 hours per week. Feeling unfulfilled at work means feeling unfulfilled in a large area of your life. Take some time to assess your current situation. If you dislike your job or feel disengaged with your responsibilities, realize your value and invest in yourself. Returning to school is an opportunity to break this cycle and add fulfillment to your life’s work.
  2. You’ve hit a plateau. While you may feel fulfilled and love the work you do, hitting a plateau can be just as detrimental as feeling unfulfilled. It’s common to experience a lull at some point in your career. This undesired situation is the ideal time to redefine your goals and further your education. Advancing your skills and expanding career field proficiency will allow you to reach exciting new heights.
  3. You’re seeking a promotion but don’t have the necessary qualifications. Promotions aren’t based solely on performance in a current role, as success in one position doesn’t always translate to success in another. Many times, additional training and education are required to get ahead in your career. Career training programs are a great way to gain the qualifications needed to grow your craft, and can often be completed in two years or less.
  4. You want to change careers but lack relevant experience. It can take a leap of faith to make a career change, but if switching directions means finding job satisfaction and continued professional growth, it’s a necessary leap. Seizing control of your professional path in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven workforce starts by going back to school to earn the knowledge and experience your new profession calls for.

Return to School Without Putting Your Current Job or Life on Hold

Returning to school may seem doable in theory, but when you still need to earn an income now, the possibility of advancing your education can start to dwindle.

However, we’re here to say you can make it all work.

With busy working adults in mind, Ohio Business College has designed flexible, top career training programs in business and healthcare that empowers students to attend day and evening classes.

No matter which of the above signs speak to you and your situation, take a look at how Ohio Business College can help you step into the position or career you’ve been waiting for.

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