5 Tips to Achieve Work-School-Life Balance

5 Tips to Achieve Work-School-Life Balance

How packed is your schedule these days? We understand that with responsibilities like family, friends, a home, and a job, life gets pretty busy. Add school to the mix and it becomes essential to master the work-life-school balance.

At Ohio Business College, we want you to know that it can be done. We are inspired everyday by our students who have decided to better their lives and earn a degree, diploma, or certificate.

Whether you’re already a student looking for ways to improve this balance, or a prospective student wondering how you can manage school, a family, and a full-time job, we have five practical tips to help you make it all work:

1. Write out your goals. 

According to MindTools.com, “Setting goals gives you [a] long-term vision and short-term motivation.” Identifying your goals and why you’re pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate will help you work through stressful days and find the motivation to keep going.

2. Prioritize your schedule.

To stay on track and meet obligations, an organized, well planned out schedule is crucial. Make time to plan your schedule and prioritize your responsibilities each week. Keep in mind that unexpected situations are bound to happen, so it’s beneficial to have a back-up plan and maintain some flexibility.

3. Lean on your support network.

Share your goals and daily schedule with your family and closest contacts. Maybe you need a babysitter, an extra hand with household duties, or a ride to work. When your network knows what you have going on, they’ll be able to lend greater support.

If you find it helpful, fill your co-workers, classmates, and managers in on your goals and new endeavor. Classmates can help you study, co-workers can help you stay on task at work, and managers will appreciate the open communication.

4. Tackle one task at a time.

You have a lot on your plate when balancing work, life, and school. To ensure you meet your deadlines and maximize your productivity, focus on one task at a time. According to LifeHacker.com, you will get more done tackling one task at a time than you will multitasking, because single-tasking:

  • Helps you sustain focus
  • Reduces your stress levels
  • Helps you manage your time

5. Make time for you.

It’s important to find time to unwind and relax every day. “The idea is to give your body, mind, and heart a chance to relax and recharge,” according to PsychologyToday.com. Running full speed for an extended period of time is physically and mentally draining. If you have to schedule time to relax and do something for you, pencil yourself in.

The most important component in achieving a successful work-life-school balance is to remain positive. You can do this, and we commend your ambition to better yourself, your career, and your family’s future.