Withdrawal Policy

Military Withdrawal for Active Members

As a member of the US armed forces and reserve units, you get access to flexible scheduling at Ohio Business College. If you’re called or ordered to active duty while enrolled at OBC, and you’re a member of the US military, National Guard, or other armed forces reserve unit, you may be granted a Military Withdrawal from the College.

How to withdraw from OBC if you’re called to active duty

If you’re required to withdraw under the Military Withdrawal Policy, you must complete an application for withdrawal from the current quarter with OBC’s Registrar’s office. Provide the College with a copy of your military orders. If you are receiving financial aid, you are responsible for contacting the Financial Aid Office.

You have the following options under the Military Withdrawal Policy, depending on where you are in the program when you receive the call:

Weeks 1-8 (Business Programs)
Weeks 1-10 (Allied Heath Days)
Weeks 1-14 (Allied Health Night)

  • Total withdrawal from all classes allows you to receive a full refund (R2T4) of tuition and fees minus any financial aid you’ve already received. You will receive no credit for courses.

Weeks 6-10 (Business Programs)
Weeks 8-12 (Allied Heath Days)
Weeks 12-16 (Allied Health Night)

  • You may take an incomplete grade, for all classes, with a right to complete all coursework at a future date without future payment of tuition and fees for those courses. You are responsible for any textbooks when you return. If courses are no longer available, you will be given a refund to apply to the new required courses. Upon returning to school, you will have two quarters to complete prior coursework in which and was assigned. If you withdraw during the returning quarters, any coursework previously assigned with an that is not completed will revert to a grade of WF.  In addition, if you don’t return to school within the anticipated grace period, you will receive a grade of WF for coursework marked as.

Weeks 8-10 (Business Programs)
Weeks 10-12 (Allied Heath Days)
Weeks 14-16 (Allied Health Night)

  • A grade for each course in which sufficient coursework has been completed, with instructor approval, will be assigned.

How to return to OBC after withdrawing

After you withdraw under the Military Withdrawal Policy, you don’t need to apply for readmission or pay readmission fees when you return within the one-year grace period of the discharge date.

You are guaranteed a place in a class at the beginning of the quarter in which you seek to re-enter. If you elected to take an incomplete grade in a course, you will have two quarters to complete the prior coursework that was assigned as.