Why a College’s Job Placement Rate Matters

Why a College’s Job Placement Rate Matters

As a career college, Ohio Business College is held to high standards when it comes to helping students find jobs they love after graduation. Whether you’re in a diploma, certificate, or associate degree program, you’re getting an education that meets high accreditation standards.

To remain accredited, OBC must maintain career placement rates of at least 70%, and every one of our locations far exceeds that minimum. Learn more about our commitment to helping you find the right job out of school:

As an adult who’s committed to your future career, we know it’s important to place you in the right job for your interests and goals. If you’re seeking education because you want a promotion or a career change, this is the most important times to consider your job placement. During this time of transition, you need to be confident that your first job after school is your best starting point possible. At Ohio Business College, our counselors will walk you through:

  • Your career goals
  • The steps it will take to get there
  • Your employer and job options
  • The application and interviewing process
  • The final decision
  • Lifetime professional guidance

Learn more about our career services, and contact us today.