How COVID-19 Has Changed the Medical Assisting Field

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Medical Assisting Field

How covid-19 has changed the medical assisting field

As the COVID-19 pandemic surged around the world, so too did the need for healthcare workers. If you’re considering starting a career as a medical assistant, you’ll be entering a field where your skills will be in high demand in a range of medical settings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of medical assistant jobs is projected to climb by 19% through 2029, which is much higher than the average profession. The pandemic only further drove this demand.

Medical assistants are often considered as behind-the-scenes healthcare heroes, performing tasks like taking patient vitals, maintaining medical records, scheduling appointments and more. However, COVID-19 created an “all hands on deck” situation at many medical facilities, which means that many medical assistants were given additional responsibilities as the workload increased and staff was spread thin.

Most states allow medical assistants to perform COVID-19 swabbing and to administer COVID-19 vaccinations as long as they are under the authority and supervision of a licensed medical provider. Additionally, they may assist with telehealth appointments which rose dramatically during the crisis.

Medical assistants also often help with cleaning and sanitizing medical areas, which in the wake of the pandemic has become more important than ever. Cleaning protocols may be more rigorous and time-consuming. Additionally, medical assistants, like all members of the healthcare team, will need to wear proper PPE and follow new safety guidelines that have likely become a permanent part of the healthcare landscape going forward.

As the pandemic overloaded doctors and nurses with new patients, they came to depend on medical assistants more than ever and needed them to do tasks that may not have previously been their responsibility. The pandemic brought healthcare teams closer together and helped them realize the value that medical assistants bring.

Whether you are interested in working in a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility, career opportunities abound for medical assistants, and there is also great potential for advancement. (See Career Advancement Opportunities for a Medical Assistant) The COVID-19 pandemic (as well as an aging population) has made our society more health-focused than ever, so now is the perfect time to enter this dynamic and growing field.

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