How to Become an Electrician

How to Become an Electrician

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So you’re interested in becoming an electrician? Excellent choice! With the world becoming more and more digital with each passing day, there is more technology to be powered and older wiring to be brought up to code to keep up with the times. Therefore, the demand for electricians is high.

Electricians are always in high demand and the earning potential can be higher than average compared to some other industries. Becoming an electrician can mean job security for a long and successful career along with endless job opportunities around the nation.

Did you know that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected the job outlook for electricians to increase by 10% by the year 2028, which is faster than average? Therefore, becoming an electrician offers plenty of job opportunities.

But how exactly do you become an electrician and gain the experience you need to start a rewarding and long lasting career? Keep reading to learn how you can become an electrician and how to get your new career started!

1. Earn Your High School Diploma or GED

The first step to becoming an electrician is to earn your high school diploma or GED. Since further education and training is necessary to become an electrician, trade schools, including Ohio Business College, require a high school diploma or GED in order to enroll in their electrician programs. Math is a huge component of electrical work, and earning your high school diploma or GED will give you the math skills necessary to further your education.

2. Attend Electrician School

Attending Ohio Business College’s Electrician School and earning your electrician diploma is the first step when it comes to starting your new career as an electrician. Our new Electrician School has everything you need in order to become a successful electrician.

Our new Electrical Program is available at our Lorain County campus and will give you all the tools and knowledge you need in order to succeed in your electrical career. Our courses include both textbook and hands-on training with the following classes available:

  • Motors & Controls
  • Low Voltage
  • Wiring, Cabling & Connections
  • Residential Installation
  • Commercial Installation
  • And so much more!

Our electrician school is a 64-credit hour program that can be completed in 12 months, with classes offered in both the daytime and evening hours.

3. Get Hands-On Training

When you attend OBC’s electrician school, you’ll receive hands-on training that is crucial to becoming an electrician. Our hands-on training is something all employers find valuable, especially when they bring on a new hire.

All of our electrician instructors are skilled in electrical repairs and installations and have the knowledge and expertise to teach our students exactly what they’ll need to know when they begin their careers as electricians.

Our hands-on training involves students working in a lab setting as they take their textbook skills and apply that knowledge to potential real life electrical scenarios. When enrolled in OBC’s electrician school, your hands-on experience will include installation and maintenance for the following:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Motors
  • Instrumentation and Programmable Logic Controller

The hands-on training above is just a few of the skills you’ll learn while being enrolled in OBC.

Becoming an electrician has never been easier with OBC’s new Electrician Program. A career as an electrician is an exciting and rewarding journey that has a higher than average expected growth, meaning job security and plenty of opportunities. If you have a passion for providing light and power for others then the time is now to enroll in electrical school!

Ohio Business College makes attending classes easy by offering both daytime and evening classes. We understand that you have other obligations and commitments but still want to make a career change, which is why we offer small classes with direct support from your instructors at convenient times.

We also offer FAFSA application assistance and provide financial aid for those who qualify. We want to make sure your dreams can be achieved whether that’s through financial aid or not. We believe no student should be denied enrollment due to finances.

In addition to our financial aid and FAFSA application assistance, we will also help you find the right job for you after you’ve earned your diploma. We have a passion for assisting our graduates with their job searches and helping to place them in rewarding careers.

If you’d like more information about our new Electrician Program or would like to apply today, send us a message and one of our admissions representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to seeing you at OBC!