How to Transfer Credits From Another Career School

How to Transfer Credits From Another Career School

In September 2016, ITT Technical Institute closed all of its campuses, leaving nearly 35,000 students nationwide without a degree or a school to attend. When you realize that your school isn’t right for your future, you have a choice: transfer to a better institution or give up on your education.

Both options can seem daunting, and we work hard to make sure you have access to the education you deserve. By transferring your credits to Ohio Business College, you can get the education you need to succeed without losing the education you’ve already invested in.

Follow these steps to find out how to transfer your hard-earned credits to Ohio Business College.

  1. Apply to Ohio Business College.

Complete the free online application to let Ohio Business College know you’re interested in transferring. When answering, “What is your entering status?” be sure to select “Transfer from other College/University.”

  1. Send OBC a valid transcript from the school you previously attended.

A valid copy of your transcript must be sent to OBC so we can review the credits you earned and how they align with your new program and course list at OBC. You should also keep valid copies of your transcripts in your personal records. They can be required when applying to jobs, handling student loans, or pursuing higher education.

  1. Determine which classes you completed and earned credits from.

After submitting your transcripts to OBC, take time to review them. Your transcripts show which classes you took, including whether you dropped them, passed them, or failed them, and how many credits you earned from those classes. Of those you completed and earned credit from, gather any the course descriptions or syllabi from your records or still available online.

  1. Set up an appointment at OBC to discuss your transfer credits.

At this meeting, be sure your admissions counselor has your transcripts and any course descriptions and syllabi you were able to find. These resources can help Ohio Business College determine how well your earned credits align with courses in your new program. Meet with them to explain your past courses and hear their evaluation of your credits and the accreditation of your previous school.

  1. Make a list of courses you need to take to complete your new program.

Once they determine the credits you’re able to transfer to OBC, your admissions counselor will help you make a list of courses you need to take to complete your program. This list will exclude any credits you were able to transfer, and it will help you plan the length of your OBC program.

Transferring credits can help ensure you get the education you need for a successful career, while earning the credit you deserve for your past investment. Ohio Business College cares about your future. Complete your degree at OBC to get access to hands-on courses and lifelong job placement services.

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