Job Search Tips with Tanya Foose

Job Search Tips with Tanya Foose

Have a job interview coming up? Hear from our Director of Career Services Tanya Foose on great tips for job searching.

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Tanya Foose: Hi, I'm Tanya Foose, director of Career Services at Ohio Business College in Sheffield Village and here are Tanya's helpful hints for an interview.

Number one, do you have a full-length mirror? Many students that I talked to do not look at themselves in a full-length mirror. It's very important to make a good first impression, so you are going to want to have a full-length mirror to take a look at your entire interview outfit.

Number two, be quick to apply. If you see a job on LinkedIn or Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, all of those websites, be sure to get to it quickly. Many employers get bombarded with many, many resumes and applications. They'll often only look at the first 30 before they just get completely overwhelmed. The first few that apply are the first to get calls.

Number three, have your voicemail set up on your phone. It's very important that if an employer's trying to get a hold of you and you don't answer numbers you're not familiar with, they can't leave a message if your voicemail's not set up or if it's full. Be sure to have a professional greeting and make sure that you empty all old messages and that you have a great, wonderful, warm, welcoming voicemail ready to go.

Number four, have a LinkedIn profile. Make sure you keep it up to date, have a good professional picture of yourself, make it fun, make it who you are, but make sure it's professional. This is going to be your greatest tool in networking with other professionals, learning about your field, getting to meet other people, having connections. Often times, you will get to know human resource managers through your LinkedIn profile. It's a great way to make a good introduction.

Number five, when you do get that new job, just remember, it's going to be overwhelming. School is going to give you a great foundation for what your career will be. However, every job is going to have its own set of rules and policies. You're going to have to quickly adapt and it is going to be difficult those first few months. Tough it out, get some grit, keep it going, it will get better. The next thing you know, you will be the hiring manager.