Ready for an Exciting Career? 5 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Ready for an Exciting Career? 5 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Do you crave a career that’s stable and long-term? What about fun and challenging? If so, look no further than a career in the multifaceted hospitality and tourism industry.

If you’re willing to study and work hard, you’re well on your way to breaking into this growing industry and finding immense success.

Let’s look at five reasons why a career in the hospitality and tourism industry is a great choice:

  1. Job opportunities aplenty

With such a wide array of job opportunities available in the hospitality and tourism industry, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a position or niche you don’t like. Additionally, this is a global industry that allows you to stretch your wings and find employment worldwide in restaurants, hotels, tourist destinations, leisure spots, and much more.

  1. Proven resilience

While no industry is completely recession proof, the hospitality and tourism industry has proved its tenacity even in hard times. In late 2009, after the 2008 recession, Bob Cotton, CEO of the British Hospitality Association, said, "The past 12 months [since October 2008] have been some of the most difficult the [hospitality] industry has experienced for many years, but it is noticeable that both hotels and restaurants are surviving, largely unscathed."1

  1. Dynamic, lively environments

A career in hospitality and tourism means you get to work in some vibrant, energetic, and welcoming environments, such as:

  • Tourist destinations
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts and cruises
  • Spas and wellness centers
  • Sports facilities and arenas
  • Much more

Furthermore, these environments empower you to interact with people from all over the world.

  1. Stretch your entrepreneurial mind

This industry rewards professionals who are willing to go the extra mile. The opportunity for growth and the ability to showcase your creativity enables you to significantly alter your career’s trajectory. Employers and organizations want to keep and promote their best employees, so you could start in an entry-level position and move to a managerial role quickly.

  1. Unconventional days

Not a fan of the ‘9-5’ routine? No problem. A career in hospitality and tourism delivers varied hours and shifts, making no two days the same. With so many people coming and going, you will get to tackle new tasks and be involved in new experiences.


Prepare for a career in hospitality, tourism & marketing

Earn an associate degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and tourism


As exciting and promising as the hospitality and tourism industry is, it’s also very competitive and demands individuals who are business-minded and customer service savvy.

You can get your head start by acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to become an in-demand asset.

Ohio Business College’s Business Administration: Marketing and Tourism associate degree is designed around your real-world success. Gain comprehensive, hands-on training in areas such as:

  • Management
  • Business law
  • Marketing tools and tactics
  • Accounting and budget development
  • Leadership development
  • Planning and event promotion
  • Customer service
  • Social media

Plus, every student completes an externship during the final quarters of study. This will give you the opportunity to experience the hospitality and marketing fields first-hand by working with local businesses and organizations in a direct, real-world setting.


Take your future further and start your dream career at Ohio Business College. With day and evening classes available, you can earn your degree without putting work and family on hold.

Learn more about OBC’s associate degree in marketing and tourism and discover what you can expect after you graduate from OBC.



1 “10 reasons why hospitality jobs are great.” Accessed February 3, 2017.