Soft Skills You Need to Improve Your Career

Soft Skills You Need to Improve Your Career

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are a combination of several interpersonal skills, such as people, social, communication, etc. They differ from hard skills, which are, according to Investopedia, the specific, teachable, job-specific skills you need to perform work responsibilities. Hard skills can be defined and measured.1

Soft skills, on the other hand, are harder to teach and measure.

How will soft skills help advance my career?

Since most jobs require you to interact and work with others in some capacity, softs skills in the workplace are important to the overall success of a company and a team. Possessing highly sought-after soft skills will make you an ideal, in-demand candidate for any job you already have the hard skills for.

Additionally, soft skills are transferrable. This means that you can take and utilize these skills in any job or situation you find yourself in. Employers know that job candidates with soft skills are adaptable employees.

The 3 Soft Skills Employers Want You to Have

  1. Problem-solving.

Problems arise every day, but it’s the employees who can tackle problems head-on with effective solutions that employers want to hire. Employers look for employees who can:

  • Analyze the cause(s) contributing to the issue(s)
  • Propose alternative solutions to achieve an end goal
  • Implement a plan
  • Assess the success of your interventions
  1. Communication.

Communication is key in business (and life). Employees who are well versed in verbal, nonverbal, and written communication are always in high-demand. Employers look for employees who can:

  • Articulate oneself
  • Listen with intention
  • Use appropriate body language
  • Send clear written correspondences
  1. Team Player.

Working well with a team is critical in most jobs. Even if the bulk of responsibilities can be completed alone, employees who work well with others are desirable. Employers look for employees who:

  • Think of their role in the context of the organization’s overall goals
  • Accept and apply feedback
  • Support colleagues

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