Thinking About Going Back to School? Here are 4 Questions to Ask College Admissions Counselors

Thinking About Going Back to School? Here are 4 Questions to Ask College Admissions Counselors

Going back to school is a big decision – one that will change your life. With the right support and belief in yourself, that change will be for the better. Once you’ve made the commitment to return to school, it’s time to find the right college for you. With so many options for higher education these days, it’s important you evaluate all your options to find the school that fits your needs and goals the best.

One effective way to do this is to connect with a college admissions representative to get your questions answered. Here are four important questions to ask college admissions counselors:

  1. How will this school help me succeed in my studies and accomplish my goals?

Does the college offer free tutoring? Externships? Dedicated faculty and staff?

Career preparation starts day one of college classes. Look for a college that offers a wide range of student services that help enhance your educational experience and grow your professional aptitude.

  1. How are classes taught?

Are classes lecture-based or hands-on? Are instructors willing to meet one-on-one if you have questions or need extra assistance?

While every student has varying needs, asking these questions will help you discover the school that will fit your learning style. Look at colleges that offer small class sizes, hands-on training, and one-on-one interactions. These aspects will maximize your time in your college program and help you hit the ground running once you graduate.

  1. How will this college make me feel at home?

What is the feel around campus? Do students know each other and interact? Do faculty, staff, and professors get to know the students?

For busy working adults like you, it’s essential to find a school that welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel comfortable from day one. Ask the admissions rep about the college’s typical student and how everyone interacts around campus. Based on his or her answers, you’ll start to understand if you’ll fit in and feel at home.

  1. Does this college help students find employment upon graduation?

Does the college offer career placement assistance? If so, what does that entail?

Colleges that are committed to helping you find your place in the business world will take you farther. Be sure to ask how the college prepares students for the workforce before graduation – like, career fair information, resume and cover letter critiquing, individual career counseling, and so on.

At Ohio Business College, we’re laser-focused on your real-world success. As OBC continues to grow as a top adult education and career training school in Ohio, we’re committed to providing support, guidance, and inspiration to our students.

We’re a small college that delivers big results.

What additional questions do you have about OBC? Get answers by setting up an appointment with an admissions representative today, or come see us in person and experience our close-knit, family atmosphere.

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