What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Business Administration Diploma?

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Business Administration Diploma?

Discussion on Business Adminstration Degrees

Business and business administration have long been two of the most popular fields of study at postsecondary institutions across the country for both undergraduate and graduate students. On the surface, this would make sense because businesses are essential to the completion of tasks and the availability of modern conventions we may take for granted, not to mention the fact that businesses pay much of the country’s paychecks.

As clear as the need for business professionals may be, what exactly business administration is and what students learn in such programs is not as obvious. In short, a business administration education program prepares students for management roles within a business setting. However, there is a lot more to business administration than being the boss and delegating work. Business administration degrees and diplomas ready students to take on roles such as those in the following categories:

Business Administration

You can probably guess from the subject of the diplomas and degrees that those with business administration educations commonly find jobs in business administration. With that said, there are many kinds of roles you can hold that fall under the category of business administration. For example, you could work as an administrative assistant with the hopes of moving up in the company. Another possibility is a business support role, which is essentially helping out with a slew of tasks as needed by the company. There are also customer service and support roles, which are important because every business has customers, who will inevitably need assistance at some point. Keeping customers and clients happy is paramount to the success of a business.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is the strategic positioning of products and services in order to sell them to customers. Sales is, well, the actual selling of those goods and services. By harnessing the power of a business administration diploma, you can potentially work as a salesperson, a product planner or a direct marketer. The broad skill set that accompanies a business administration education can set you up to succeed in these roles and others that fall under the vast umbrella of marketing and sales.


Accounting is more than just doing taxes. With the skills and knowledge you gain while achieving a business administration degree or diploma, you can have the opportunity to perform office roles such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll and auditing, among others. Though you may need to be confident in your simple math abilities, you need not be a full-fledged accountant to work in many accounting roles, such as accounts payable and receivable.

Hospitality and Tourism

The career possibilities in hospitality and tourism are almost as endless as the ones in business and business administration. With a business administration diploma or degree, you can work in a variety of different roles, such as those in sports management, hotel management, event planning, and working at tourist attractions. This is a far from comprehensive list, but hopefully it gives you a better idea of the employment destinations to which a business administration education can take you.

Countless Others!

Perhaps the career option you’re looking to pursue with a business administration diploma or degree isn’t featured on this list. That’s OK because, as mentioned earlier, the possibilities of your business administration career are numerous. Many of the skills students typically learn in a business administration program can be used in just about any job, such as customer service.

With the possibilities of an associate degree or diploma in business administration fresh in your mind, your next step toward your dream job is finding the right school and program.

Break into the Business World at OBC

Ohio Business College (OBC) is one of the premier business colleges in the state of Ohio, with over 100 years of experience in educating students for their entrance into the business world.

OBC’s Business Administration Specialist diploma program is aimed at giving you real-world experience in an abundance of different skills you will need for a business administration career. At the completion of the program, you will have the knowledge to contribute to virtually any kind of business in a variety of different roles.

If you’re looking for a more specialized business administration education, Ohio Business College also offers associate degree programs in a number of different concentration areas. The specializations currently offered include the following:

  • Accounting (Sheffield Village and Sandusky Campuses)
  • Marketing and Tourism (Sandusky Campus)
  • Marketing and Sales (Sheffield Village Campus)

Each of Ohio Business College’s business administration programs and concentrations are crafted to help you develop the skills you need to thrive in the business world, regardless of what kind of job you want.

As a student, Ohio Business College’s Career Services Center can provide you resources to help you find and prepare to find a job after graduation, including practice interviews, resume reviews and networking tips. Alumni also have access to employment assistance.


Are you ready to launch your business career at Ohio Business College? For more information or to schedule a visit to one of OBC’s campuses, find us online at OhioBusinessCollege.edu.