Questions to Count on at HVAC Job Interviews

Questions to Count on at HVAC Job Interviews

Job interviews can be intimidating, daunting even. Interviews for HVAC job are no exception.

However, knowing what to expect in terms of the questions that are going to be asked at such interviews can help you be better prepared to answer them confidently.

Tell me about yourself.

To the inexperienced jobseeker, this question can seem like a vague one, with no clear-cut answer.

The request is an open-ended opportunity for you to talk about your work experience, education, why you want the job and set the tone for the interview, hinting at why you’re the best person for the job.

You will be able to elaborate much of what you mention in response to “tell me about yourself” later on in the interview.

Why are you the best person for the job?

Employers want to hire the people they think will do the best job in any given role. That much is obvious.

When answering such a question, highlight your strengths as a candidate and provide an anecdote that exemplifies how you have succeeded in the past.

This question is similar to “Tell me about yourself,” but allows you to be more pointed in your answer.

How have you dealt with difficult customers?

HVAC Technician Job Interview Question

Customer service is a vital part of an HVAC technician’s job. You will deal with customers on a daily basis, and some of them will be more challenging to interact with than others.

The interviewer will want to know how you’ve handled difficult customer interaction in the past, and it’s a good idea to have a specific example in mind.

Maybe there was a time you used active listening skills to gain greater understanding of a customer’s problem that allowed you to resolve the issue in a way that left everyone satisfied. In most cases, it’s best to handle the customer less like a customer and more like another person, which is what they are.

Translate a technical HVAC process in layperson’s terms.

As mentioned in the previous interview question, customer interaction is a significant portion of an HVAC technician’s job. You need to be able to take the jargon of HVAC systems and explain it in a way that the customer knows what you’re going to be doing. It’s also important to be able to explain why you will be taking the steps you are in order to resolve the issue. Customer service is one of the skills that separates the best and most successful HVAC professionals from the rest.

What equipment do you use on a regular basis?

HVAC Job Interview - Ohio Business College

Employers want to know what kind of equipment you are skilled at using in your current job. This question allows you to demonstrate your skills and experience through examples, which helps them make the assessment of you as a candidate compared to the others.

It’s OK if you don’t meet every single requirement in the job description, just
as long as you know the equipment you work with inside and out. A willingness to learn new skills and take on new tasks is also generally viewed as a positive in the minds of employers.

How do you see the HVAC field changing in the near future?

Your answer to this question will help the interviewer see that you are staying current on trends within the industry. In the coming years, HVAC systems are going to be made to work in ways that are more environmentally friendly. Those changes in design will likely come with differences that HVAC technicians will need to be aware of in order to install, maintain and repair them correctly.

Be sure to thank the interviewer for their time and send a follow-up email within one business day. Alternatively, you can send a thank you note in the mail.

Above all, prepare yourself before the interview and project confidence in your answers. After all, much of the interview is a test on yourself. You know what you do well. Now you just need to show the prospective employer.

If you have a passion for heating and cooling, working in the HVAC/R industry might just be for you. However, entering a career in a field as potentially rewarding as HVAC/R all starts with a trade school training program.

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